NEXT Design-Build philosophy

“Create a more sustainable future for the Cayman Islands by transforming the built environment”.

Your home must be more than beautiful and strong; it should be energy efficient and sustainable as well. NEXT blends architecture and building science to produce the most eco-friendly and energy efficient homes available.

NEXT Client services

  1. Sustainable Architectural Design
  2. Sustainable Project Management
  3. Sustainable Construction Services
  4. Sustainable Property Development


Architectural Design 

NEXT is the only company in the Cayman Islands that designs and builds “Green” – Zero-Energy, climate driven, site-specific LEED Certified homes and commercial buildings. Every project is designed to each client’s specific desires and needs while employing strategies for energy efficiency, durability and the environment. Other design or build companies can claim that their homes are efficient and “green” but our LEED Zero-Energy homes are ‘certifiably’ sustainable, which makes all the difference for ensuring your home is truly as “green” as intended.


Project Management

Building a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime; building on an island only intensifies the process. NEXT provides value added project management services to help make the building process enjoyable while also mitigating the client’s risk. Services such as subcontractor vetting and selection, Government approvals and permitting management, evaluation and selection of sustainable materials and technologies, arranging overseas trips for clients to meet with select suppliers and manufacturers and more.


Construction Management

NEXT’s highly qualified, experienced and award-winning construction team takes a sustainable approach to building all of our LEED Certified and Zero Energy projects. We ensure our clients are getting value for money via 3rd party cost valuation reports as well as competitive bid subcontracts.  NEXT has a commitment to protecting the environment so at our job sites our building waste is recycled and/or diverted from the landfill. No other company in the region has such a proven commitment to building high quality projects sustainably.


Property Development 

NEXT is the only firm that specializes in sustainable property development in the Cayman Islands; this includes LEED certified and Zero-Energy residential and commercial properties. All our developments blend practicality with sustainability, while ensuring efficiencies in costs and energy to ensure profitability for our clients and our own in-house projects. Our team has more than two decades of development experience in the Cayman Islands and are able to navigate the often opaque design-development sectors that can truly make or break a project.