“Our electricity bill last month was -$44.07 which speaks for itself; the team at NEXT designed a LEED Gold Certified & Zero Energy home that has exceeded our expectations. We would certainly recommend them to anyone.”

Garth and Sabrina Ebanks

“The NEXT team designed a home that met all of our expectations for beauty, efficiency and sustainability. Their expertise in design and green building delivered a LEED certified Zero Energy design that we expect to be our family home for generations to come.”

Winston Connolly

“NEXT created a design that met all of our expectations while ensuring that sustainability and efficiency did not compromise aesthetics.”

Arch & Godfrey - Builders/Developers

“NEXT made the process of designing our home simple and enjoyable for us. We were delighted with the results — they designed a beautiful home to LEED certification standards, ensuring it would be eco-friendly and energy efficient and with a floor plan that worked perfectly for us.”

Winifred & Samuel R. Banks, Jr.

“We moved into our LEED Gold certified home 5 months ago, my energy credit is about the same as my current consumption so we haven’t paid a CUC bill yet while other homes in my development are paying $800 a month.”

P. Nadeau

“Our design intent focused on being ‘Beautifully Green’ with a floorplan that used space effectively. The NEXT designers exceeded our expectations and we’re planning on doing more projects with them in the future.”

B.V. Development